Avoid Constant Overwhelm as Public Safety PIO

events Aug 29, 2019

Bypass constant overwhelm as someone handling social media for public safety and fast track to a successful social media framework for emergencies. Join your peers from all over the U.S. for the first-ever Social for Safety Conference (S4SCON), debuting in Reno, Nevada on October 1-3, 2019.

As a public safety communicator - whether from law enforcement, fire service, emergency management or EMS – you’re faced with a flood of tasks in saving lives and alerting your community. Add in social media on top of your other responsibilities, and you’re facing overload.

Imagine yourself a month from now after carving just a few days of your time for S4SCON. Because you’ve prioritized yourself and your agency, you’re now confidently communicating on social networks and you’ve crafted a solid social media strategy. You know where social media fits in before, during and after an emergency, and you can effectively collaborate with your neighboring jurisdictions. 

Whether you have concerns on First Amendment issues, shattering social media silos, incorporating social media in training exercises, navigating negative social media comments or maximizing news media relationships in emergencies, your peers are here to help guide you at S4SCON.

Register now for S4SCON through Sept. 9, 2019 before regular ticket pricing ends.


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